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How do you know that the fishing expedition you are planning is going to be a success? Along with getting good equipment for this, you would also need to master certain skills, one of which is tying fishing knots

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imageHow do you know that the fishing expedition you are planning is going to be a success? Along with getting good equipment for this, you would also need to master certain skills, one of which is tying fishing knots. Whether it is to join hook and line or two lengths of line, or any others, a proper knot is essential to secure your catch. What do you do to master this task? What tips and tricks could come to use?

Which resource do you utilize for this? If you are not quite clear about all these, here are a few details that are sure to come in handy. What are the different types of fishing knots? The chief categories of knots are - the ones joining line to line, the ones joining hook or lure to line, and the loop knots. Numerous knots may enhance fishing success, depending on other factors. Here are a few examples from each category.

Knots like the Blood Line knot, Albright knot, Surgeon's knot, Double Uni knot, and so on are good for joining two lengths of line together. Knots like the Palomar knot, Trilene knot, Baja knot, Improved Clinch, Arbor knot, and such others are good for joining the line to the reel, hook, spool, etc. Popular loop knots include the Bimini Twist, Surgeon's End loop, Perfection loop, Dropper loop, and so on.

How do you choose the right one amongst these? Every knot has a specific purpose - one for joining lines would never suit one for joining lure to line. You need to know this before selecting a particular type. If you are a beginner, it is better to get help. What should you do to master this task? As the adage says - practice makes perfect. Take a length of nylon monofilament, the type you use in fishing, and a hook, the point buried in a piece of cork, and practice a few simple knots in the initial stages.

After mastering these, start practicing other knots. how to tie a toe do you ensure success? Here are a few tips for success in tying fishing knots. Wet the line before tying a knot (with saliva, or if possible vegetable oil) Make sure the knot is tight Keep a foot or so of the tag end of the line Use a nail clipper to trim the end Never burn the tag end as this damages the knot Where do you look for help? You may be able to get help in this regard from a seasoned angler.

However, if this is not a possibility, you could utilize other resources as well. There are books with illustrations on how to tie different fishing knots. If these seem too complicated to follow, you had better use online resources. The easiest way to learn tying knots, and master the art, is to follow videos from online resources. Videos are easy to follow, and these help you to learn well. If you are able to find videos and practice using the same technique, success becomes easy.

Jennifer Davis, a boating magazine editor, offers helpful tips for the tying fishing knots.
asked Mar 26 by SondraJuarez (120 points)

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