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Aussie researchers are leading the world's biggest study on racism and what fuels it, amid a spike linked to the coronavirus pandemic

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Aussie researchers are leading the world's biggest study on racism and what fuels it, amid a spike linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

imageA team from the Australian National University will poll people across the globe to expose racism's dark truths, from the perspective of victims, witnesses and even perpetrators.

Their online survey asks people to delve into their own experiences with prejudice.

It will generate a large data set to shed light on how often racism rears its ugly head, why, and how it varies.

The research comes at a critical time.

Earlier this week the Australian Human Rights Commission reported a quarter of complaints about racial discrimination lodged in the past two months were related to coronavirus.

Recent attacks condemned by the government include a Chinese-Australian family who had racist graffiti sprayed on their Melbourne home, and two international students who were assaulted in Melbourne's cbd việt nam.

Lead researcher Professor Michael Platow says the pandemic has allowed racism to thrive.

"Coronavirus is enabling a prejudice pandemic. The racism it is enabling is also life threatening," Prof Platow said.

"Media reports and official communiques from Australian doctors warn of the potential life-threatening consequences of COVID-19 related prejudice.

"It is not just happening in Australia, there is a likelihood that COVID-19 will serve as a rationale for racism around the world."

Prof Platow said there must be an action plan to fight racism, mirroring what's being done on a scientific level to stop the spread of the virus.

"This project is more vital than ever and it is important to collect this data when there are threats to life and liberty," he said.

"People can record their experiences of racism if they are the victim, perpetrator or witness. We want to know what people are experiencing. When we understand more about these experiences it helps us fight them."

Adults around the globe can complete the survey here: website in fight against 'racism pandemic'
asked May 6 by Irvin1741464 (180 points)

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