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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny who is believed to have been poisoned has been driven out of hospital be flown out of Russia to Germany for specialist treatment

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Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny who is believed to have been poisoned has been driven out of hospital be flown out of Russia to Germany for specialist treatment.

A video at the hospital in Omsk showed an ambulance with its rear doors opened as the unconscious Navalny was loaded in by medics wearing masks.

More footage showed the ambulance entering Omsk airport ahead of a five and half hour flight to Berlin.

A private air ambulance chartered by German NGO Cinema for Peace was flying him to Berlin's Charite hospital for treatment.

Navalny's family were told they must take responsibility for any consequences of moving the gravely-ill anti-corruption campaigner to Germany. 

Earlier today his wife begged President Vladimir Putin to release her comatose husband amid claims of a cover-up by Russian doctors who claimed he has a heart disease. 

Navalny's wife Yulia, begged arch-rival Vladimir Putin to allow him to leave the country for treatment after he fell into a coma amid suspicion he was poisoned with a cup of tea. 

Yulia, who has been barred from seeing her husband since he fell unconscious on a flight from Siberia to Moscow yesterday, said it is vital he is taken to Germany for specialist treatment.

This afternoon, doctors at the Siberian hospital where Navalny is being treated, permitted his transportation to a top German medical facility. 

A medical leave application for office plane chartered from Berlin by Navalny's allies arrived in Omsk, the Siberian city where he is being treated, on Friday - but Russian doctors had initially denied them permission to move him, saying his condition is too unstable.

German medics were briefly allowed to see the 44-year-old and ruled he was fit to fly, Navalny's press secretary said, before they were marched into a nearby car and kicked out of the hospital.

Alexander Murakhovsky, the hospital's head doctor, has flatly denied claims that Navalny was poisoned - saying he is suffering from a heart condition caused by low blood sugar.

He also said that 'industrial chemicals' were found on his hands and clothes, but did not say what they were.

Medics at the hospital insist they are more than capable of treating the condition, even as pictures laid bare the grim interior of the Soviet-era building.

asked 4 days ago by LavonKline16 (120 points)

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