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PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME By Luther Powell "Unsubscribe me" "Please remove my name from your list" "It is not what I wanted, take me off" "I didn't subscribe to this, remove me" "I'm not interested in an old man's tales

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By Luther Powell

"Unsubscribe me"
"Please remove my name from your list"
"It is not what I wanted, take me off"
"I didn't subscribe to this, remove me"
"I'm not interested in an old man's tales. Take me off your list."
"I don't have time to read all of this email."

These are some of the messages I received from those who want
to unsubscribe. These are the nice ones. I have not listed the "nasty" ones. They are messages that no publisher wants to see.
We work hard to get new subscribers, and then we shutter when we receive a message from one asking to be Remove from iTunes AAC file.

Why does one unsubscribe? There are many reasons. It may be
they do not like the newsletter. If so, they have the right to be
removed from the mailing list. I learned long ago that you cannot
please everyone. I am sure it is not because there is anything offensive in it. However, one unsubscriber informed me that she
was a woman and did not want to read a man's point of view.
Perhaps, that was offensive to her.

A few have complained about there being too many ads. I agree
with them, but what am I to do? Free ads are offered in order to
get new subscribers. They are the life blood of a newsletter. Try
publishing one without free ads and let me know how successful
you are. If I could publish a newsletter without offering free ads, I
would gladly do so, but it would soon fail. I try to overcome the
dislike of free ads by publishing a part 2 each week, containing
free subscriber ads. However, I made one BIG mistake this past week. I imported 132 new subscribers into my mail server and
two hours later sent them part 2 without sending part 1 first. I
know you don't have to guess what happened. I received 41
unsubscribe notices within 12 hours. I am still wringing my hands
over that error. I learned a good lesson. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!

It would be wonderful if we could publish a newsletter like
the offline publishers do. Fifty-two issues a year for an annual fee.
I don't think we would have many subscribers online if we charged
a subscription fee, e.g., $12.00 annually. I would have to stop
publishing in about two weeks.

How about those who say they do not have enough time to read
the newsletter? I can understand those who work at a 9 to 5 job and have evening chores to do. But, why did they subscribe in the
first place. Oh well, the customer is always right, and subscribers
are my customers. Don't ever forget that. I am afraid that some of
those who publish ezines and/or newsletters have lost sight of that fact.

Some have sent some "nasty" emails when they unsubscribe. I will not repeat them here. But, why do they take it out on an old man?
Is it because I am almost bald? Or because I have to wear false teeth? One went as far as using profanity! However, that doesn't
bother me. I spent five years in the Marine Corps during WWII, and you can't use any profanity that I haven't heard. I just feel
sorry for them and I pray for them. That is what my Lord taught
me to do. I just say "Forgive us of all our trespasses, as we forgive
those who trespass against us."

What can I do about all of this? Nothing! I simply write each one
and tell them I am sorry to lose them and I will be happy to have
them join our newsletter family again. You cannot do anything else.
And I assure you that this pays off in the long run. I have had one
unsubscriber come back after receiving my farewell message. That
subscriber will be a loyal one and stay with me. I can count on that.

So, if you publish a newsletter or ezine, you are going to get unsubscribe notices. Just write them a nice letter and say to
yourself, "NEXT!"

Article written by Luther Powell
Webmaster: website
Home of low cost ads to 7500 subscribers
Subscribe at: Papalou@bellsouth.net?subject=Subscribe
website Unsubscribe Me
asked May 25, 2019 by BettinaClemo (140 points)

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