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The ads can be found on commuter trains, from New Jersey Transit, Long Island Railroad to Metro North

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BBC America is bringing its loveable quirkiness to the Big Apple with its new cheeky ad campaign.

Last week, the American network, which is owned and operated by BBC Worldwide, launched its ad campaign that is clearly British in nature, but speaks directly to New Yorkers who can sometimes be too serious for their own good.

The ads can be found on commuter trains, from New Jersey Transit, Long Island Railroad to Metro North. There's even a dual-billboard bringing laughs to the Meatpacking district (15th and 9th).

So if you enjoy British humor, you may get a chuckle when passing by the Metro North stations' garbage cans - with one ad that says: "BBC America. We're above the trash." Or another on the LIRR that says: Gordon Ramsey claims no responsibility for the dining car on this train."

Perry Simon, BBC Worldwide America's general manger, tells CBSNews.com that this ad campaign represents a change in strategy for BBC America. It's the first time they have focused on raising awareness of the channel over a prolonged period of time in a single market.

And while New York is a tough market to tackle, BBC America is up for the challenge.

"We chose New York City because there's a big correlation between our audience and the mindset of smart, savvy, 고창출장업소 trendsetting New Yorkers," he explained. "We knew they'd appreciate the quirkiness of our ads while giving them a glimpse into the type of irreverent and innovative content they can expect from the network. While we made a concerted decision to go local, we're thrilled the campaign is driving conversation nationally through the power of social media."

The network is home to the auto-aficionado misfits of "Top Gear," the racy "Tudors,"based on King Henry VIII's violent and salacious past and "Gordon Ramsay's F-Word," featuring recipe face-offs with celebrities and hunting wild animals around the world to create the perfect dish.

American TV and film often pays homage to our friends from across the pond. British humor - both mischievous and self-deprecating, has been celebrated and mimicked from "The Benny Hill Show" to "The Office." On the big screen, we've relished in British drama from the Oscar-winning best picture, "The King's Speech" or "to Helen Mirren's Oscar-winning depiction of Britain's Queen Elizabeth in "The Queen."

Lastly, we can't leave out the live footage of the fairytale royal wedding that captivated both Brits and Americans, took over our morning shows and inspired made-for-TV movies.

So, if you're in the mood for some laughs, check out BBC America - or just read the ads on your way home. Who knows maybe some British humor will lighten you up a bit and have you asking - would you like some tea with your BBC?
asked Aug 15 by ShaniceClimp (120 points)

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