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It takes a while to break in, like a new pair of shoes." Despite his pre-show jitters, Criss debuted to positive reviews

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(CBS) Darren Criss temporarily left the halls of McKinley High to make his Broadway debut Tuesday night in a sold-out performance of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

3 years agoThe "Glee" heartthrob assumed the lead role of corporate climber J. Pierrepont Finch, taking over for Daniel Radcliffe, who parted ways with the cast after a 10-month stint. Beau Bridges also made his debut in the Broadway hit, 군포출장샵 replacing John Laroquette in the role of JB Biggley.

Criss, 24, was very nervous before he hit the stage for the first time. "Everyone's like, 'Oh, I gotta go to your opening night!'" he told EW.com. "But I'm terrified. I'm like, 'No! See it at, like, two and a half weeks.' Theater is a living creature. It takes a while to break in, like a new pair of shoes."

Despite his pre-show jitters, Criss debuted to positive reviews.

"A nimble dancer, Criss made the tricky choreography on "Grand Old Ivy" (with fellow newcomer Beau Bridges as the company boss) and the complicated finale "Brotherhood of Man" look as easy as breathing," noted the New York Daily News.

Criss' "How to Succeed" run ends on Jan. 22, after which he'll return to Los Angeles to tape additional "Glee" episodes. Nick Jonas will portray Finch from Jan. 24 through July 1, with Bridges staying on as Biggley.
asked Aug 20, 2019 by RonaldVerdin (120 points)

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