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According to the Scottish Deerhound Club of America, Scottish Deerhounds have been used as hunting dogs going back centuries|Depictions of Deerhounds have been found on ancient Roman pottery|PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2010 The year before that, another pint-sized pooch took home the top prize|In medieval Scotland, the dogs were so highly prized that only nobility were allowed to own them|PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2009 In 2008, the adorable Uno received top honors}

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(CBS) When 5-year-old Hickory took home "Best in Show" at this year's Westminster Dog Show, she became the first Scottish Deerhound ever to take home the top prize and snapped a streak of small-dog winners going back years.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2011

Last year's winner, the Scottish Terrier Sadie, is about as far removed from a Deerhound as you can get (the only thing she and Hickory have in common besides being dogs is being Scottish.) The petite Scottie was the runaway favorite - her "Best in Show" win was the last title in becoming the first Triple Crown dog show winner.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2010

The year before that, another pint-sized pooch took home the top prize. Ten-year-old Stump became the oldest dog in the competition to ever win "Best in Show." A Sussex Spaniel, 충청북도콜걸 she was hardly larger than her trophy.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2009

In 2008, the adorable Uno received top honors. In this case the breed says it all: Uno is a 15-inch Beagle.

PICTURES: Westminster Dog Show 2008

While all the champions deserve to be recognized, it is especially exciting to see a breed as ancient, respected, and, yes,  BIG as the Scottish Deerhound get its due.
asked Sep 27, 2019 by Lasonya71V44 (160 points)

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