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mistrust of Pakistan's military and intelligence forces leads to some operations being kept secret - a prime and inflammatory example being the May 2 raid in the city of Abbottabad in which U.S

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(Updated at 12:29 p.m. ET with further comments from Pakistani official claiming U.S. notification of the strike arrived too late.)

Pakistan has rejected claims by unnamed U.S. officials who told The Wall Street Journal that Pakistan's own military gave the go-ahead for air strikes which resulted in the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers.

"Pakistan did not have any prior information about any operation in the area," Pakistan's army said in a statement to CBS News. "In fact, wrong information about area of operation was provided to Pakistani officials few minutes before the strike."

More in Afghanistan: The way forward

The remote outposts, which sit perched atop a mountain overlooking the border with Afghanistan, "were clearly marked on maps. These locations were shared with ISAF and our own troops were well aware of their presence," a Pakistani Foreign Ministry official told CBS News' Farhan Bokhari on Friday, separate from the army's reaction.

The vehement denial came just hours after The Wall Street Journal published an article claiming precisely the contrary.

"There is no question of a mistake in failing to know of their presence," the Foreign Ministry official told CBS News. "These were sizeable posts which were in regular contact with command centers."

"Enough is enough": Pakistan-U.S. rift widensPakistan calls for change in partnership with U.S.Will Pakistan's boycott render Bonn summit "futile"?

The Pakistani army statement goes on to claim U.S. officials at a joint border coordination center, "later apologized privately to Pakistan officials for initially providing wrong information, and subsequent engagement of post without prior information / clearance."

Another Pakistani military official, 안양콜걸 speaking to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said the Americans had, in fact, given their Pakistani counterparts the location for the planned strike, but he said the information arrived late and the coordinates were incorrect.

He also said Pakistan never gave the go-ahead for the strike.

"Wrong information about (the) area of operation was provided to Pakistani officials a few minutes before the strike," he said. "Without getting clearance from Pakistan side, the post had
asked Oct 2, 2019 by AndraBeyers6 (120 points)

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