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On his knees near a monument in Muscat, Chad, 26, offered Stephanie, 23, a ring he had been carrying around the world during the race

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NEW YORK (CBS) Sunday night's leg of "The Amazing Race" in Oman belonged to dating couple Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith.

The two overslept and missed their start time by almost two hours, then Chad got down on one knee and proposed to Stephanie in the middle of the race, and finally the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., couple were the first to be checked in at the pit stop, winning a trip to Belize.

PICTURES: "The Amazing Race"

Father-and-daughter team Gary and Mallory had no such luck. They got lost on the way to a task and just never caught up, crossing the finish last and getting eliminated. Even in defeat, Mallory resolutely maintained the perky demeanor that had carried her through so much of the race.

On his knees near a monument in Muscat, Chad, 포커 이기는 법 26, offered Stephanie, 23, a ring he had been carrying around the world during the race. It had belonged to his mother, who recently died. In spite of some terrible behavior Chad exhibited toward her earlier in the race, Stephanie tearfully accepted his offer

r>Their luck continued through the end of the episode. They actually were the second team to reach the pit stop, but Jill and Thomas, who got there first, incurred a 30-minute penalty for breaking the rules and hiring a cab driver to lead them to the site of a challenge

r>This cleared the way for a fitting Chad and Stephanie triumph

r>Watch Chad's proposal below:
asked Oct 15, 2019 by SusanaNevill (120 points)

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