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A spokeswoman for CBS Radio didn't immediately respond to an e-mail message early Sunday seeking comment on Sharpton's column

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If Imus returns to the airwaves after his dismissal for making a racist and sexist remark about the Rutgers women's basketball team, he should commit in his contract to forgo any racist, sexist or homophobic comments, Sharpton wrote in a guest column listing "musts for Imus" Sunday in The Daily News.

He also called on Imus to set aside time weekly to talk on-air with an ombudsman, settle a lawsuit filed by a member of the Rutgers team, and join his push to rid rap and 서울출장샵 other music lyrics of racist and misogynist language.

>Imus' lawyer, Martin Garbus, did not immediately return telephone messages left at his office and an after-hours number early Sunday.

>Imus and his former employer, CBS Radio, agreed to a settlement Tuesday that pre-empted his threatened $120 million breach-of-contract lawsuit. The terms of the settlement weren't disclosed.

>The announcement essentially made Imus a free agent, and broadcast industry experts predicted he would soon be back on the air, though it wasn't clear exactly where he might land on the dial. His former morning time slot on CBS-owned WFAN-AM has gone to former National Football League quarterback Boomer Esiason and New Jersey radio personality Craig Carton.

>As Imus' settlement with CBS was announced, Rutgers basketball player Kia Vaughn sued Imus, CBS and others, claiming the offensive comments damaged her reputation.

>A spokeswoman for CBS Radio didn't immediately respond to an e-mail message early Sunday seeking comment on Sharpton's column.
asked Dec 2, 2019 by AntoniaJanko (120 points)

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